Athletic Mouthguards

dental examWe love sports, and we love staying active. At Crosby Dentistry, we want children and adults to stay healthy and fit and keep their teeth protected. An athletic mouth guard is a perfect way to protect your gums, teeth, and jaw from accidental injury and impact. A custom athletic mouth guard fits seamlessly, allowing for easy breathing as you run and move.Unlike standard over-the-counter options, a custom-fit athletic design from Dr. Crosby won’t slip or fall out, adding increased comfort and protection.


What Is an Athletic Mouth Guard?

An athletic mouth guard is a device that fits comfortably around the teeth and provides cushioning and protection for your teeth, mouth, and gums. Sports are high-energy activities, and the chance for injury is real. Wearing an athletic mouth guardcan safeguard your teeth. Compared to other types of mouth guards, an athletic mouth guard is made of extremely thick plastic to add cushioning while still being comfortable.


How Is It Different From Other Mouth Guards?

There are several types of athletic mouth guards available. Often, over-the-counter mouth guards are used for sports because they are affordable and easy to find. However, these varieties are one-size-fits-all and are not the most comfortable devices to wear.

Other options include the boil-and-bite mouth guards. These designs have a slight custom element, creating a pseudo-custom fit once the soft plastic has been allowed to conform to your teeth.

An athletic mouth guard made at the dentist’s office is customized to fit your mouth and unique tooth shape to sit perfectly around your teeth. Not only will it be easier to breathe with the custom guard in place, but the guard will fit better and won’t slide around inside your mouth. Further, athletic mouth guards are made of extremely thick and durable plastic, so they can absorb impact efficiently.


How Is a Mouth Guard Made?

It is a straightforward and pain-free process to create a custom athletic mouth guard. First, Dr. Crosby will create an exact mold of your teeth using soft wax to make an impression. He’ll then send the mold to a laboratory where a technician will design your athletic mouth guard. Once the guard is completed, the lab sends it back to our office. Next, your dentist will ensure that the mouth guard fits appropriately, making tiny adjustments so that it doesn’t slip or pinch. When everything is complete, you are ready to hit the field with your new mouth guard in place.


Do I Need a Mouth Guard for My Sport?

Mouth guards are a definite necessity for certain impact sports that may run a risk to your teeth. They are most commonly usedin sports like hockey, football, soccer, and basketball.

However, many people like to use a mouth guard in other sports like gymnastics, mountain biking, and skateboarding. If there is any chance of sudden impact in your sport, it is a good idea to wear an athletic mouth guard.


How Often Do I Need a New Mouth Guard?

Custom mouth guards provide excellent protection for those who are active in sports, and they provide a solution to mouth guards that don’t fit properly. It is a good idea to replace an athletic mouth guard after every season. Because the mouth guard receives bites, chomps, and chews, it can start to degrade and will become less effective over time. Even though athletic mouth guards are made of thick plastic, they are not invincible. Replacing your guard every season ensures your teeth, gums, and mouth receive the best care and protection possible.

Contact Crosby Dentistry before your next sports season starts. We’d be happy to discuss your unique needs and protective equipment options.